9 Basic Rules to Follow in eCommerce UX Design

By Rodney Laws | Ecommerce

Nov 27

As we float through the ecommerce wave, we know how much momentum it has gained in the past decade. For your ecommerce business to succeed, let’s talk about some ecommerce UX best practices in 2020.

Did you know that 44% of buyers abandon their shopping cart because of the high shipping costs? Well, that is just one survey, but more than 5% of the people leave the site if they see that the website takes a long time to respond or keeps crashing.

This is where the best ecommerce UX and UI design steps up. As we know, ecommerce provides excellent opportunities for people who want to trade online and sell their products globally. Thus, we take considerations of how well we can improve our ecommerce website.

This is where the UX design store comes into the picture. You need to build a great experience for your customers to tell it out. The quality of the product you serve or the quality of the site they shop from are the two things you should never compromise on. Thus, here are 10 essential things to follow in eCommerce UX design.

Keep the experience refreshing

Website usability is the most important factor in ecommerce. Then if there are any minor changes to do, the UX designer of the ecommerce site needs to make sure that happens regularly along with general maintenance from time to time. Hence, you need to maintain the website without breaking the visual consistency.

Check the solutions you make

Some of the ecommerce best practices are that user testing that can have a great impact on how the conversions can be boosted. Ideally, you need to apply the solutions of user testing and UX design in the design process only. Still, after the launch of an ecommerce platform, there might be some trouble that can arise with UX.

Always respect your customers

You need to remember that your buyers are the ultimate, and every figure in conversion is about people you serve. Build the right interface that respects their time, and they will start bringing the positive experience of shopping on the sides.

Invest in speed

When designing for eCommerce, you cannot make the consumer wait on your website. Hence, you need to speed up your site. If that is not possible, then you can get creative on the loading screen and bring in some character with an animation on it to keep users distracted while they wait.

Make your logo clear and visible

According to ecommerce UX research, your company’s logo needs to be prominently displayed on the top left corner. It must also link back to the home page.

Use big featured images

One of the ecommerce UX best practices 2019 is that you put out clear, more extensive and detail images for each of their products. Customers need to see and gain information from your website from visuals, not just copy.

Make the design customized

Often the store UX design needs to make the website personal and customized so that it suits the personal needs of the visitor. 74% of customers are dissatisfied when websites do not have personalized content.

Give clear feedback with the website

One of the ecommerce homepage best practices UX design involved is that you need to give a clear website. It needs to cover a lot of ground, and then, the original link needs to be linked to some random link on the site. What we are trying to say is the ecommerce navigation best practices are to making use the adding product to the cart is simple.

Always have a user-friendly checkout

There is a need to make the whole website user-friendly so that customers can easily check out. You need to make sure checking out is very easy and that should not involve any frustration from the user side.


Thus, for the best user experience eCommerce you are going to offer, you need to know the buyers. Proper user research will help you to get the results you are always expecting. For the best shopping cart experience, keep them informed. You also need to take care of the design, so make sure it is consistent throughout. You can do it through social networks, print media or POS appearances.

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