Top 10 B2B China Sourcing Websites to Find Wholesale Suppliers

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Apr 21

Are you hunting for the best Chinese sourcing websites to find wholesale suppliers? With numerous Chinese sourcing websites out there, you might be wondering which one you should trust. If so, you’ve found the right post.

Starting a B2B business online always takes time and investment to ensure you don’t get scammed by the sellers. Every buyer wants to receive their goods on time with a smooth delivery process. They also want to ensure the products they buy are of premium quality.

When business owners are planning to connect with the best B2B China sources, several questions appear in their minds. Will they be meeting with certified wholesale suppliers? Are the prospective platforms secure and reliable? Can they use multiple payment methods? Will they get deals and discounts on bulk purchases?

In short, every supplier and wholesaler is looking for a secure and comprehensive B2B supplier website to use. This post lists the top 10 B2B China sourcing websites to help you find cost-effective wholesale suppliers with minimal effort.

The Boom in B2B Marketplaces

B2B eCommerce becomes has become a huge digital frontier in recent years, with the global pandemic causing a significant uplift in interest. In fact, B2B marketplaces have attracted much more attention and investment than their B2C counterparts. It’s been estimated that the B2B eCommerce industry has reached USD 149 trillion, which is 5x more than B2C.

A recent survey showed that B2B eCommerce sales reached $7.35 trillion in 2021, and this amount is expected to grow 70% in upcoming years. It’s actually projected to reach $18.75 billion US dollars by 2026.

List of Top B2B China Sourcing Websites 

If you are wondering how to find wholesale suppliers, let’s dig into it!


Everyone is familiar with this B2B platform that is eWorldTrade. This global and comprehensive B2B platform offers unparalleled eCommerce solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. It operates its services for more than a decade, and it becomes the leading B2B China sourcing website.

This digital trading platform aims to help businesses to accomplish a commercial competitive edge. It has an interactive user interface, so customers can enjoy the fastest and most secure trading. It even has AI-integrated chatbots to solve any customer query. Once you join this platform, you have ample space to highlight your brand information. It permits you to get free quotes, offers multiple payment methods, and has reordered policy.

eWorldTrade is a good choice if you are looking for the best B2B China sourcing website to find wholesalers.

2. Amazon 

Amazon is no doubt a leading B2B Chinese sourcing website. This platform helps buyers to find the most reliable wholesaler suppliers from every corner of the world. It aims to build strong relationships among them. So, trading internationally is not a challenging thing for them. Amazon help businesses to grow their horizon, whether they belong to the food manufacturing industry or operating in the automobile industry.

Once you connect with Amazon, you can access millions of products belonging to every category. It allows minimum order quantity with automated pricing. It even allows reordering your previous purchase.

3. Alibaba

Does Alibaba sound familiar? Yes, it is, right! This is also the world’s greatest and largest B2B platform with a huge directory of wholesale suppliers and buyers. It is even known as the pioneer of B2B wholesale eCommerce. It is open the gateways for Chinese factories to perform business activities worldwide.

Alibaba becomes the top B2B China sourcing website, where you meet with thousands of merchants and buyers from every corner of the world. For buyers, it is the best marketplace that offers trade assurance, multiple payment channels, etc.

4. AliExpress

Looking for the biggest name in B2B China sourcing website to find wholesale suppliers? Then AliExpress will be another marketplace to choose from. This B2B website is the subsidiary of Alibaba. It has now built into the largest online retail store where you can easily hook up with the Chinese and international wholesale suppliers.

AliExpress also has an incredible product catalog of premium quality products. Whether you want to buy books, electronic items, kid toys, or furniture, everything is available on this platform. It has a comprehensive incentive and discount policy as well.

5. DHgate

DHgate is another top name among B2B China sourcing websites. If you are new to this industry, then DHgate will be a better choice. It is highly recommended for newbies, as it offers the fastest and most simple wholesale buying experience. This retail hub offers high-quality goods and services at cost-effective rates.

At this platform, you meet with trustable wholesale suppliers and retailers from every industry. Regardless of any industry you belong join DHgate today. It has perfect product listing, offers sophisticated search, in-depth product information, etc.

6. Global Sources

Are you hunting for the one-stop-shop B2B China sourcing websites? Global sources is another prominent name. This B2B platform is considered the oldest platform that was launched in 1971 and has experience of 51 years of operating businesses online. It has millions of trustworthy sellers and buyers and consistently increasing.

Global sources have an optimized storefront and a user-friendly interface. It follows a customer-centric approach to allow buyers to get premium quality products easily. It offers the fastest and most secure payment and delivery methods.

7. HKTDC (Hong Kong Trade Development Council)

HKTDC is one of the most trusted B2B China sourcing websites to find wholesale suppliers. Here you find 130,000 Chinese suppliers. This platform is an organization dedicated to the economic growth of the Hong Kong Traders, and gradually, it becomes the leading online marketplace to sell goods worldwide.

HKTDC has a directory of trusted and reliable suppliers from Asia, Hong Kong, and China. You can connect with certified suppliers who offer high-quality products at reasonable rates. This platform gains popularity due to the potential buyer journey.

8. DIYTrade

DIYTrade has described itself as the leading B2B trading platform and has a huge directory of Chinese products. This B2B China sourcing website claims to have 5 million products on this platform. This retail hub was inaugurated in 1999, and its headquartered was in Shenzhen, China.

DIYTrade has an interactive and engaging user interface that encourages visitors to buy products from certified wholesale suppliers. It has a huge product listing with a massive catalog. It even offers a customer support system to help out buyers to solve problems. You can choose a payment method after connecting with the supplier.

9. EC21

EC21 is the most authentic B2B China sourcing website where you find thousands of reputable wholesale suppliers across the world. It has a highly interactive, flexible, and easy-to-use interface that engages buyers to make a purchase.

If you are looking for a supplier on a regional basis, it distributes visitors by the country. It even has an outstanding product catalog. It has a huge directory of 3.5 million visitors every month.

10. Lovely Wholesale

The lovely wholesale market is popular for offering products for females’ clothing and garment items. This Chinese wholesale website claims to have almost 6000 products with a unique style that have to listen on their platform. This platform is highly focused on considering buyer safety; if you get damaged products, they offer a return policy and even discounts on your next purchase.

Lovely wholesale has a robust refund policy, so they make sure to consider quality assurance and offer products at reasonable rates.

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