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Jul 04

A Beginner’s Guide To On-Page SEO

By Rodney Laws | Marketing

Regardless of whether you’re running a website to provide a service, promote your business, or simply share your thoughts and hobbies with the world, you ultimately want as many people as possible to find it. The bigger the audience, the better — and the key to having a big audience is achieving strong search rankings […]

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Nov 19

6 Promotional Ecommerce Features That Quickly Win Customers Over

By Rodney Laws | CX

The ecommerce world has been fantastic for consumers. Every fresh innovation adds convenience or provides entirely new possibilities, and the advent of mobile buying has been particularly transformative. But all this progress has left prospective buyers very impatient, making life much harder for retailers. That difficulty also constitutes opportunity, though. While people will more freely reject […]

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Nov 14

The First 24 Blogs Your Online Store Needs

By Rodney Laws | Content

So you’ve opened your first ecommerce store — great! But while your products come first, your blog should come second. An ecommerce blog isn’t just good for your SEO. It’s also your chance to connect with your customers, delivering value and nurturing your relationship with them. But creating excellent blogs on a regular basis can […]

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