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Sep 16

How To Build A Successful Affiliate Programme

By Rodney Laws | Marketing

What makes a successful affiliate programme? Well, it depends on a variety of factors (such as the quality of your affiliates, your commission structure, your products and services, and the effectiveness of your affiliate management). This article will discuss each factor and a brief discussion on why you should have an affiliate programme for your […]

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Sep 10

5 Emails Every Ecommerce Seller Needs

By Rodney Laws | Ecommerce

Email marketing is the most powerful tool in your arsenal to get people back to your ecommerce store. But beyond the typical promotions and order detail emails that you’re used to seeing, here are five key emails that you need to send to improve your shopping experience and increase your ROI (return on investment) and […]

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Apr 03

6 Steps To Create The Website Of Your Dreams

By Rodney Laws | Branding

The modern world is simply fascinating. All these insane technologies and new scientific discoveries make the modern era a great time to live. At the same time, a lot of people have difficulties getting accustomed to the fast-growing contemporary world. For instance, many small business owners go bankrupt simply because they do not know how […]

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