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Oct 02

​​Understanding Your Google PageSpeed Score

By Rodney Laws | Business

​​You’ve got a shiny new website all ready to showcase your store’s products. You’ve invested in great product photos. You’re ready to slip the switch and make some money.​​ ​​So, you launch, investing your first few hundred dollars or so into some targeted Facebook ads.​​ ​​Crickets. No conversions. No sales.​​ ​​You look at your stats […]

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May 17

How AI Is Changing Ecommerce Web Development

By Rodney Laws | CX

Succeeding in online retail isn’t easy, but entering it might be. The barriers to entry are already low, and now AI is entering the equation to speed things along. Here’s how: Ecommerce is among the most adventurous industries in the digital space. With so much money changing hands, and even the simplest virtual store capable […]

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