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Oct 15

What Is The Best CRM For Small Businesses In 2021?

By Rodney Laws | Business

Big data analysis isn’t just for big companies. Through powerful yet intuitive CRM systems, it’s possible for small businesses to glean insight into their sales. But which CRM choice is the most fitting? The online world offers seemingly-unlimited business opportunities, allowing brands of all sizes to find new prospects, streamline their operations, spread their marketing […]

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Jun 22

7 Most Common Accounting Mistakes That Ecommerce Businesses Make  

By Guest Author | Business

It’s an exciting time to be an ecommerce entrepreneur, especially when you start seeing the sales rolling in consistently. But unless you’re following accounting and bookkeeping best practices, you could be causing serious damage to your business.   There are tried-and-true ecommerce accounting best practices that we advise working into your workflow. In this post, Here […]

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Jun 08

What Is Salary Sacrifice & Why Can It Benefit Your Business As Well As Your Team?

By Rodney Laws | Business

Sacrificing salary in return for alternative incentives could create the complete package, helping your team feel valued and your business become more sustainable.  While incentives should not replace or undermine the value of a fair and competitive wage, many professionals are warming to the prospect of salary sacrifice — an arrangement between your business and its […]

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