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Feb 05

BigCommerce vs Shopify: The Big Two Go Head To Head, But Which Is Best For Your Business?

By Rodney Laws | Ecommerce

Competition is the beating heart of ecommerce. It keeps stores evolving, vendors creative and products arriving on customers’ doorsteps.  Competition isn’t confined to opposing stores though. All across the world, first-time store owners are making their choice of ecommerce platform. But how do you decide which is best?  In this guide, we’ll put two heavy […]

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Aug 18

Should You Upgrade to Magento 2?

By Rodney Laws | Ecommerce

Magento has been a prominent platform since 2012 and websites have heavily invested in it. After so many years, they have ended Magento 1’s Support.  The change was difficult to understand for merchants and the entire Magento community.  Cutting the chaos around this topic, here are a few options you can take. Weigh the pros […]

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Apr 03

6 Steps To Create The Website Of Your Dreams

By Rodney Laws | Branding

The modern world is simply fascinating. All these insane technologies and new scientific discoveries make the modern era a great time to live. At the same time, a lot of people have difficulties getting accustomed to the fast-growing contemporary world. For instance, many small business owners go bankrupt simply because they do not know how […]

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Nov 01

Best Ecommerce Platforms For Complete Beginners

By Rodney Laws | Business

Image PexelsBest Ecommerce Platforms For Complete BeginnersStarting up your own ecommerce business can be stressful. There are lots of different things to think about — finances, balancing the books, your branding and marketing strategies… the list goes on. But here is one element that doesn’t have to be complicated — building your own website.Around 10-15 […]

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