7 Ways to Encourage Email Subscribers to Make A Purchase

By Rodney Laws | Marketing

Oct 11

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7 Ways to Encourage Email Subscribers To Make a Purchase

All business owners face the same basic customer problems:  getting new customers, retaining them, and encouraging them to make repeat purchases. A healthy customer base making repeat purchases is critical to your business cash flow.

With sales funnels, email marketing, and other online tools, it's easy for your potential customers to become an email subscriber but never make a purchase.  You might have implemented an email marketing campaign or on social, but if you don't convert subscribers into paying customers, your email list is useless.

Your email list may contain any number of curious potential buyers, qualified customer leads, and interested customers willing to make a purchase.  But as any marketer will tell you, they're not the same thing.

Here are seven methods to convert an email subscriber to a paying customer.

​Create a sense of curiosity in your headlines

Eight of ten people will only read your headline, while the remaining twenty percent will go on to read your article. You need to create a sense of curiosity in your headline that entices that 80% to click through to your email. Creating curiosity involves:

  1. Violating the correct expectations
  2. Addressing the gap between the known and unknown
  3. Knowing when to stop

Violating expectations involves creating disorder, which requires users to investigate to restore order (sense and meaning).

Readers are more likely to try to resolve the conflict in your email subject line by clicking on a link and reading the article, thus satisfying their curiosity.  The title should appeal to the gap between the known and unknown without resolving the contradiction.

By appealing to a person's innate desire to make sense of the information presented, they'll be more likely to follow through with your desired course of action.  

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​Transform curiosity into desire

When you present information to your email list subscribers, you whet their appetite for more.  Telling your subscribers too much will leave them overwhelmed with information and less likely to take the next step.

Your copy should elicit a sense of desire in your audience. Appeal to their pain points and play on their needs as consumers, knowledge gleaned from your consumer research. You should then position your product or service as the solution to that desire. But don’t go in hard — you need to lead your customer to it, not simply show them.

​Tell a story

Humans love stories, and an engaging story can draws the reader into your product, service, or brand through a compelling narrative.  Don't focus strictly on your product or service in your account, but instead approach it in a natural, organic way.

This is a particularly effective approach if you’ve just picked up a new business and you want to put your own personal stamp on it. You could take any one of the businesses for sale online, create a unique video that extols the virtue of your product or service with a story, and instantly revamp the brand so it appeals to a new audience.

But it’s not just your product — stories can help inform customers about where your new business is going too (a method that builds consumer loyalty by creating a relationship). As long as you tell it in a creative way that audiences can relate to, you can draw in customers in their droves.

Buy Now and get important discounts

Buy Now and get important discounts

Buy Now and get important discounts

​Less is more — be concise

While compelling stories and testimonials have their place, your copy itself should be concise and to the point. While it can be tempting to indulge in reams of florid prose, you have to write from a customer’s point-of-view. To hold their attention, it’s important you cut the waste.

Grammarly and the Hemingway Editor are useful tools to help your emails read better, especially for amateurs. But the best way to really get it right is by getting a second pair of eyes to take a look. Just remember: always write for your customers and their perspective.

Include social sharing links

Econsultancy has done extensive research on email marketing, and their #1 recommendation to convert email list subscribers to click-throughs is to include social sharing options.  Rates for click-throughs jump significantly by including multiple social sharing options.

Obviously Facebook and Twitter should be included, but B2B businesses might also want to include LinkedIn buttons too. And if you’re a particularly visual brand such as a fashion or cooking company, a suitably visual platform such as Instagram or Pinterest are a must.

Optimize for mobile devices

Americans check their phones 80 times per day, so it’s vital that you make your emails mobile-ready. When you create your email, test it to make sure it’s readable and user-friendly. Break paragraphs up so they’re no longer than two sentences long — any longer won’t translate well to mobile devices, repelling customers.

And be sure to eliminate distractions such as ads and superfluous information that can cause slow loading times. This can result in decreased click-through rates so, just as your copy should be concise, so should your design.

Buy Now and get important discounts

Buy Now and get important discounts

Buy Now and get important discounts

​Use video to engage in new ways

Video now accounts for over 80% of all web traffic, a considerable figure. A video has a higher probability of converting casual users into paying customers, and marketers are using video to great effect. Including video in your email can net you sizeable returns.

When creating a video, make it short but entertaining, and include a call-to-action in the first 10 seconds to boost conversions. Cloud-based rendering services such as Viddyoze offer affordable solutions for intros, outros, and logo animations without the need to hire a professional animator.

These seven steps can help you drastically improve the conversion rate of your email subscribers by engaging them through effective, targeted marketing campaigns.